ANOR Technologies Pte Ltd (hereinafter called the ‘ANOR’) is an start-up specializing in smart non-destructive testing (NDT) and artificial intelligence (AI) for diverse security applications. ANOR is conducting the commercialisation of Terahertz smart detection products and solutions for security applications.

ANOR is collaborating with local IHLs (A*STAR, NUS and NTU) in the areas including THz scanning technology, chemical analysis and artificial intelligence (AI). ANOR has also established collaborations with multiple government agencies in the commercial use case.


Company incorporation
NTUitive Incubation

NTUitive, the Innovation and Enterprise (I&E) Company of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore), aim to create a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Interviewing KOLs
Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) of target industries including: Public & Private Security, Logistics, F&B, Construction, Medical, etc.
Lean Launchpad Programme

LLP, funded by the National Research Foundation Singapore (NRF), is a national LLP platform to facilitate commercialisation of technologies out of academic research.

Research collaboration project with A*STAR
The successful integration of terahertz sensing with AI methodology enable automatic detection and identification of chemical composition of suspicious drugs at security gateway.
New office in Launchpad @ one-north

ANOR won the First Prize of the " Most Innovative SME 2019"
The Prize aims to provide recognition and endorsement to Singapore-based organisations that have exemplified the spirit of innovation in their development of tech products and services, or their use of tech to achieve excellence.
Collaboration with Government Agencies

Forging innovative research partnership with the Singapore Public Agencies to collaboratively address the critical safety challenges.

Deep Collaboration with A*STAR
ANOR and A*STAR enter into a win-win partnership to commercialize the developed technology. A portfoio of technologies are agreed to transfer to ANOR through licening and long term collaboratoin.
Enterprise Singapore grant award
Fund by Esterprise Singapore (Startup SG Tech)