December 2019 Partnership with Singapore Public Agency and universities

Law enforcement agencies and checkpoints of Singapore are facing daily challenges of criminals attempting to smuggle illicit drugs, contrabands and explosives into the country, threatening the well-being of the societies. The front-line police officers rely significantly on various scientific tools to detect and identify thousands of narcotics (including illicit drugs and new psychoactive substances) and explosives in very limited time and under very strict environmental constraints.

Among the existing public safety on-site inspection techniques, some of them are insufficiently effective for pass-through inspection of concealed narcotics/explosives, some may destroy samples or run slow, some can get the shape of suspicious articles only instead of knonwing the type and composition, and it even may be harmful or even deadly to inspectors. Therefore, a smarter and more effective inspection method is needed to satisfy the unmatched demand for the on-site detection and identification of illicit drugs and explosives.

Dec 2019, ANOR formed research collaboration partnership with one of the Singapore Public Agencies to collaboratively address the above-mentioned challenges.

Meanwhile, ANOR has established collaborations with professors from two major local universities in the fields of chemistry, optoelectronics, computer science and artificial intelligience to obtain strong technical support for product development.